We Provide a Professional Cleaning Service With 7 Days Cleaning Warranty After Completion.
If The Real estate is not completely satisfied with our cleaning , then we’ll send a Team back to finish the job properly within 72 hours – at no expense to you.

Moving out of a rental property comes with a number of hassles. There is a stream of essential procedures which demand to be fulfilled before relocating to a new house. A thorough clean-up is one of the formalities which you have to fulfill.

Relax,  Sydney Bond Cleaners is here to assist you in this tiresome task. We carry experience and competence to DE-clutter your property by rendering  End of lease cleaning services in Sydney. Rather than making false promises, we let our action speak. 

We provide a Professional cleaning service with a 72-hour return back warranty. Our end of lease cleaning  Team will take care of the property and ensure the checklists handed by your the Owner/Property Manager, will all be updated.

With our experience in bond cleaning, exit cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, End of lease cleaning, you are guaranteed a professional finish with your property by choosing Sydney bond cleaners. We understand how important it is to have a vacant property cleaned and checked.

Why Choose Our  Sydney Bond cleaners?

  1. 72 – Hours Return Back guarantee on Cleaning
  2. Fixed pricing without any extra weekend charge.
  3. on time and +5 years professionals
  4. insured with any accidental damage from our team
  5. Tax invoice after completion

Scope of Work

Our End of Lease Cleaning Sydney Team will handle the following specifications:

End of Lease cleaning checklist

1.  Kitchen  

➢ Clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards.

➢ Clean inside/outside of the oven, cook top, grill & range hood.

➢ Clean inside/outside microwave, wash inside/ outside of dishwasher. 

➢ Wipe all kitchen bench tops, vacuum and mop floors.

➢ Damp clean & shine sink and taps with Jiff

➢  Damp wipe window ledges, skirting board and door frames.  

2. Bathrooms  

➢ Vacuum and mopping of floors.

➢  Wipe and disinfect toilet, clean shower screen.

➢  Clean all bathroom walls, clean and disinfect bathroom sinks.

➢  Wipe all counters, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frames.

➢  Dust, wipe and disinfect air vent and bathtub. 

3. Laundry  

➢ Vacuum and mop floors.

➢  Wipe walls, wash sink and cupboards.

➢ Remove cobwebs.

4. Bedrooms  

➢ Vacuum/mop

➢  Clean mirrors.

➢  Spot cleaning of walls.  

➢ Remove cobwebs.

➢ Clean, dust and wash inside of the window and window sills and ledges. 

➢ Vacuum carpet edges.

➢  Clean inside cupboards and built in wardrobes.

➢ Spot cleaning of walls, doors, light switches for finger marks and scuff marks.  

5. Hallway  

➢ Vacuum and mop.

➢  Vacuum carpet edges, clean mirrors, wipe skirting boards and door frame, remove cobwebs.  

6. Balconies  

➢ Vacuum and mop.( permanent stains in floors of balcony cant be removed 100%)

7. Windows 

➢ Wipe down inside of the glass and mirrors, sliding glass doors in and out, tracks, frames.

➢ Damp wipe of window sills.

➢ Remove cobweb.  


➢ Pre-vacuum all carpets and steam cleaning of the carpets (removal of  stains are not guaranteed however we do spot cleaning throughout). 

Apart from our End of Lease Cleaning packages, we do offer additional Cleaning Services

➢ Blinds cleaning

➢ Outside windows and out side areas

➢ Mould removal

➢ Ceilings mould cleaning

➢ Keys pick up and drop off

➢ Full wall wash (condition)